Full Moon Sound Journey with David Vrendenburg

David Vrendenburg, of Healing Circle Therapeutics LLC has led many Full Moon Sound Journey’s at the Adirondack Salt Cave. Full Moon Sound Journeys allow you to experience a deep Theta brainwave state. Profound relaxation, healing and communing with the Devine can all transpire during your journey while experiencing Halotherapy in the healing space of the Himalayan Salt Cave!

Astrological Chart Anatomy 101 with James Joseph

Have you ever wondered why your Astrological Sun Sign may not feel like you?
Well because you’re more like your Moon Sign! Or why you see and interact with the world in a maybe a different way? It’s because that’s more like your Rising Sign! When you were born you and the Cosmos chose an astrological design specific to your birth date, place, and time! James Joseph will teach you how to read your astrological blueprint and have fun with others as well! We hold these classes often at the Adirondack Salt Cave. Follow our Google Calendar to stay up to date on our next class!